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We would like to clarify a few important points regarding insurance claims and payments:

  • Please note that we are not responsible for setting your charges. The outcome of your insurance claims is determined solely by your insurance provider.

  • Deductibles and copays are enforced by your insurance, and we are obligated to collect them as per their requirements. Failure to collect these payments can result in a breach of insurance contract.

  • While we strive to adjust claims to best reflect the reason for your visit, we must avoid falsifying any information that could reduce or avoid unwanted claim outcomes.

  • If you disagree with any claim outcomes, we encourage you to contact your insurance provider. We are happy to discuss and clarify the details of your claims, but ultimately the outcomes are determined by your insurance.

  • Finally, please be aware that wellness visits are seen by your insurance as complimentary health screening visits only. Any management of personal concerns within these visits may be denied by your insurance.

We appreciate your understanding.

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