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P lease be understanding...

... that your insurance finalizes all claim outcomes. We do not set your charges. 

... that we collect towards deductibles and copays as enforced upon us by your insurance. It is not alterable by you or us. We are obligated to collect all payments as deemed by your insurance.    

... that our failure to collect is seen as a breach of insurance contract.

... that we will do our best to adjust a claim to best fit the reason of a visit, but we must be careful not to risk falsifying a claim for the benefit of reducing or avoiding claim outcomes you may find unwanted. 

... that you will have to contact your insurance if you disagree with any claim outcomes. Please call us to discuss and clarify the reasonings within your claims, but be aware that the outcomes are solely determined by your insurance.   

... that Insurances prefer wellness visits to be separate from visits addressing personal concerns. Wellness visits are seen by your insurance as COMPLIMENTARY health screening visits only; Therefore, management of personal concerns within those visits risk being denied. 

We appreciate your understanding.

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