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Help below. Update Patient Intake Form Annually. 

Wellness Vs. Problem visits

  • Wellness visits are screening visit.

  • They are covered only once every 12 months.

  • Only the Wellness is covered on a Wellness visit.

  • Problems will not be discussed during Wellness visits.

  • Please pick your reasons for visit wisely. 

Personalized Approach

We understand that every patient is unique and has specific healthcare needs. That's why we take a personalized approach to ensure that each individual receives the attention and care they deserve.

About Portal requests

  • All New Requests will require a visit.

  • Exceptions are to requests discussed within 2 weeks period and refills. 

Flexible Payment Options

To make healthcare accessible to all, we accept various payment methods including credit cards, cash, and checks. We strive to provide convenient and flexible payment options for our patients.

Why is Portal Access important to you? 

24/7 access to scheduling

Fast-track Communication with staff

Access to edit/update medical data

Access to review historical/new labs 

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